Sunday, July 15, 2018

US President Trump is a Threat To World Peace Than Putin - Says Germans

Almost two thirds of Germans see US President Donald Trump as a greater threat to world peace than Russian President Vladimir Putin, a survey has found.

The finding comes as the two leaders are set to meet in Helsinki, Finland on Monday for a much-anticipated discussion intended to strengthen relations between the rival world powers.

A majority of the 2052 participants in the YouGov survey on behalf dpa published on Sunday also said Putin was more likeable, more competent and more powerful than Trump.

Only five per cent of those questioned said they thought Trump was the more competent leader - 56 per cent answered in favour of Putin, while the remainder did not provide a response.

The survey found that most saw Putin as the more powerful leader (43 compared to 25 per cent), although the US outranks Russia economically and militarily.

A total of 64 per cent of people questioned said they saw Trump as a greater threat to world peace than Putin (16 per cent).

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