Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo To Earn $4000 Per Hour As He Joins Italian Juventus Football Club!

There is no other ritual money than football, and in fact sport money. Someone is going to be earning close to $4,000 hourly for chasing ballooned leather in a soccer pitch for 90 minutes, what more can we say? If you haven't heard the latest gist in town, then hear it now that Portuguese football star, Cristiano Ronaldo has secured a massive money move to Italian football champions Juventus.

Now, it is not just about the move from Spanish side to Italian side that got everyone talking, it is the money involved that has got every eyes rolling and tongues wagging.

It was announced on Tuesday afternoon that the five-time Balon d'Or winner will earn €30 million a year in Turin and in the meanwhile, has penned a four-year deal worth a whopping €120 million.

That's right. The 33-year-old will pocket £26,545,154 a year at Juventus, which equates to £2,212,096 per month.

If you break that down into weekly, daily and hourly rates, it just proves that despite his age he is still worth a huge amount.

He will pick up £106,180,616 over four years, £26,545,154 in a year, £2,212,096 in a month and £510,483 a week

If that doesn't put things into perspective, maybe this will: Cristiano Ronaldo will earn £72,925 a day, £3,038 an hour, £50.64 a minute and 84p a second during his time in Serie A.

He's won Champions League and La Liga trophies, as well as four Balon d'Or trophies during his time in Madrid, but he will begin a new journey in the coming days, weeks and months.

Cristiano wrote a letter to Real Madrid fans on his departure and it sums him up as a person. A touch of class.

"These years at Real Madrid, and in this city of Madrid, were possibly the happiest of my life," he said.

"I have feelings of great appreciation for this club, for the fans and for his city alone.

I can only thank them all for the love and affection that I have received.

"However, I think it is time to open a new stage in my life and why I have asked the club to accept transfer. I'm so sorry and ask you all, and especially our fans, please understand me.

"They have been absolutely wonderful nine years. They have been 9 unique years. It has been for me an exiting, full of consideration although hard time because Real Madrid is a very high demand, but I know that I can not ever forget that behold Football enjoyed in a unique way.

"I've had on the field and in the locker room a fabulous companions, I felt warmth of an incredible crowed and together we have won 3 consecutive Champions League and 4 Champions League in 5 years. And with them also individually, I have the satisfaction of having won 4 and 3 Golden Balls Boots. All during my time in this immense and extraordinary club."

How will Cristiano Ronaldo cope with the Italian style of football? Will he continue his incredible goalscoring form in Turin?

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