Monday, June 25, 2018

Pro Trump Supporter Paris Hilton Condemns President Trump's Immigration Policy!

Culled from: Yahoo News...

Heiress, DJ, fashion designer, reality star, and sometime pop singer Paris Hilton is by no means a political activist on the level of some of her peers, but every once in a while she agrees to divulge her opinions, such as when she came forward in late 2016 as one of the few celebrities to support Donald Trump. The events of this week, however, have made her change her tune.

As Hilton signed autographs outside a restaurant in West Hollywood, a TMZ cameraman asked her what she thought of the president’s family separation policy, which he had announced he would reverse.

“He better help [the immigrants] because this is not right what they’re doing to these children and their families,” Hilton said of Trump’s executive order. “He better keep his promise because this is inhumane. No child should be treated this way. I am disgusted at how they have been treated, it’s not right. … This is the American dream. That’s why people come here to America, for the American dream, not a nightmare.”

Hilton has never before used such strong wording about Trump before. Back in November 2016, she told an Australian TV program that she voted for him because, “I’ve known him since I’m a little girl.” Then in 2017, in an interview with Marie Claire that took place in Mexico, she backtracked and said she hadn’t voted at all.

“I love the people here [in Mexico], and I don’t think that they should be talked about like that at all,” she told the magazine. At the same time, she made comments in that interview that indicated she didn’t believe the women who had come forward to say Trump had sexually assaulted them, saying, “I think that they are just trying to get attention and get fame.”

When that story came out in August, she apologized and said her quotes were taken out of context.

“I was speaking about my own experiences in life and the role of media and fame in our society and it was never my intention for my comments to be misapplied almost a year later,” she said in a statement released to Us Weekly. “I always believe in helping women have their voices heard and helping create an environment where women feel empowered and believe in themselves.”

Earlier this year, she told Entertainment Weekly about her support for the #MeToo movement. “I love what’s happening right now with the #MeToo movement and all of these women coming together and really making these men accountable for their actions, because it’s not right what people are doing,” she told the magazine.

All of this is a much different tone than the “political” Paris Hilton of 2008, when John McCain compared Barack Obama’s media fame to hers. She responded by making a clip for FunnyOrDie that declared her candidacy for president and outlined her energy policy of restricted offshore drilling and incentives for developing alternative energy technology.

She’s not joking around any more, apparently. Trump’s anti-immigrant stance made her go so far as to tell the TMZ correspondent: “Everyone needs to vote. Seriously, we need some change.”

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