Friday, July 14, 2017

Dubai is Not As Rich As UAE Government Portrays On Media - READ THIS Eye Opener with PHOTOS

I know you must have asked this question: how come people in Dubai are so rich? But after reading this article....your perspective of Dubai will change.

Don't get me wrong, Dubai is a big city like every other city; London, New York, Dublin, Tokyo, etc, but Dubai is not just an all-glomor city filled with wealthy people living extraordinary rich life like the UAE government controlled media portrays to the world to attract global tourism and trading, which is what Nigeria needs to learn in order to boost the Nigerian economy and image.

Now read the full report with PHOTO proofs below after the page cut:

Dubai as a Brand has been the brain child of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He has created this aura that Dubai is RICH and that it is happening.

Truth truth however is far from it.

It is EXACTLY like any other country.

The only difference being - whatever is being shown on the Media is totally controlled by the Ministry of Media & Communications - which is the Government.

And they have one and only one Agenda - to keep the image that Dubai, UAE is forever rich.

If you doubt what I have to say - ask yourself - why is it that is absolutely NO POOR person pictured or pictures or news that is talked about openly?

How come recession has never hit Dubai, UAE?

How comes Emirates Airlines is the ONLY airlines IN THE WORLD minting Profits and Profits (with only one year loss so as to give a good reason to cancel the excess orders of over-purchasing Boeing aircrafts) while all other airlines ALL OVER THE WORLD are suffering losses or closing down?

How comes NO ONE hears about the unpaid salaries? Prostitution business? Corporate Racism? Jail Stories in the UAE?

In fact - are you even aware that if you write something about the UAE when in the UAE - you can get jailed & deported ASAP? EVEN IF it is the truth?

DO YOU KNOW that if you EVEN LIKE something on facebook - A Group or comment that speaks negatively about the Country (for example now that UAE has broken ties with QATAR - if you EVEN wear a shirt that supports Qatar or send a message support Qatar - its bye bye for you?)

Don’t get me wrong - I do not hate UAE. But the truth is the truth.

In fact - haven’t you even asked yourself WHY was Burj Dubai’s name changed to Burj Khalifa AT THE DAY OF THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH ONLY - when it was marketed for years and years as Burj Dubai???


Because Dubai is NOT rich. it ONLY SHOW YOU the mirage that it is rich.

There are Hundreds of Thousands of Horror Stories of Unpaid Salaries, Dishonored Contracts & Massive Debts that no one hears about.

Dubai is just surviving because it shows it has Billions and Billions of Dollars - which is not true.

I know it because I am the second generation of Expats that lived there for 40 years.

Today Dubai is only surviving on charging its expats very high indirect taxes to live, survive and remain in its country.

All the expensive cars, vehicles, parties, lifestyles - is only people living on Credit and showing off to rub shoulders with the whose who.

But the reality is - every single day people are struggling to pay their bills and survive.

You want to know the reality of Dubai - stop seeing what they show you on the media - it is all planned out and well thought off. Most of it is fake, or incomplete or false.

Want proof?

Check what happened to the 99 years visa?

Check what happened to the property bubble?

Check what happened to the World Islands?

Check what happened to Dubai’s Billion Dollar Debt.

And if nothing else…go and visit places like Sonapur (google it if you want)

You want to see Dubai in reality?

Here are a few pictures for of the Real Dubai…

This is where Dubai workers sleep; your friends working in Dubai sleep like this

Dubai workers get their hair cut near the dustbin

Road side market in Dubai

Accommodation for Laborers in Dubai

So in answer to your question…… How come people in Dubai are so rich?

Well…exactly the same way Donald Trump and Melania Trump show the world that they are so happily married together.

You get to see what THEY WANT YOU TO SEE.

And not what you should not see….

That is why nothing in Dubai really looks really ‘normal’ but like Donald Trump & his Wifey - Totally and Absolutely Larger Than Life.

And yes, too good to be true.

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