Sunday, February 19, 2017

This is The Reason Men See Women As Confused Being?

A lady asked the question: Why don't some guys try more if the girl rejects them?

Find out why below after the page cut:

Once I approached a woman I know from friends. I got to know her a little and all was going great. So I got her number and after a few text message I called.
I was direct and asked her out.
She said - Well, erm, I got a boyfriend you see.
Me - Oh, cool. Hey, it's fine. You take care and it was great meeting you anyway.
What happens next should be made into a god damn Hollywood drama movie. This is how it went....
Evening the phone rings..
Her friend - Hey how you doing Adam?
Me - Oh great. Just going out though
Her friend -Ok but what happened with (name)
Me - Nothing. Why?
Her friend - She said you showed no interest. I thought you liked her.
Me - Huh? I asked her out. She said she got a boyfriend.
Her friend - She hasn't got a boyfriend. She was wondering why you didn't persist?
Me - WHAT?!?!
3 hours later...
Another of her friends - Hey Adam I thought you two were good for each other.
Me - What you on about?
Her friend 2 - You know (name). She was all talking about you for 2 weeks. Excited.
Me - (confused)
Me - But she said she has A BOYFRIEND!!!
Her friend 2 - Yeah but all girls say know...
Me - No I don't. If a woman says she got a boyfriend, she has a boyfriend. That's how I take it. What the hell. You and your friends are crazy.
I swear, this went on for sometime and it turned me off with her so bad, I never wanted to ever date her. Ever. If that's how she was then, man, forget it.
It was like this.....
Her - I wanted coffee.
Me - But I asked if you wanted a drink but you said no.
Her - Yeah but you know, I really meant I do want coffee.
Me - What YOU ON ABOUT? I asked and you said you didn't want any?
Her - But I really meant yes.
Me - ?!?!?!?!?!?!
When we guys hear no, or got a boyfriend, it means no. It means for us to keep our distance. It means the woman is not interested because I have tried persisting before and I had enough of the BS that comes with it.
You know, some women want attention.
Some want just to feel they can attract a guy but nothing. Some want to drag the BS along for a little longer.
But it doesn't wash with me or many guys.
A no is a no.
So I don't call a woman who doesn't call back. I don't text anymore if women don't text back. I don't wonder about signals....what if and how come. I don't wonder if she might be interested or if I should push it and try again.
I don't mean to sound arrogant but...
The world is full of women. Amazing women. Women of passion, purpose, goals, ideas, creativity and values. By her saying has now freed me to approach other women and I saw it as her being honest.
So awesome. I can move on. I mean, no one in their right mind will say no when they mean yes - and yes to mean no.
2+2 = logic!
But you see sometimes logic has nothing to do with what is going on. It's emotions, fears, insecurities, perceptions and a whole lot of stuff I cannot see in a woman's head. All I know is to make sure she feels safe, comfortable and I am not over stepping her boundaries. That she knows I can move on and walk away.
That it's no problem for her to say no or yes. It's ok if I get a no. I'm a man. Strong enough and have higher purpose to let rejection get me down. I'm solid, rock solid and I'll take a no as a no.
When I hear no, when I see or I don't get much of a response, when I hear any word about boyfriend, or ex boyfriend then like most guys we move on. I see it that if I try anymore I am making the woman feel uncomfortable.
I have self respect and I got to move on.
Playing hard to get may work on some guys but for guys who got self worth and got a lot going in life.....they move on.
The woman got asked, she said no and I haven't got a court order over my head because I didn't take no
That's why.

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