Thursday, February 2, 2017

President Buhari's SA Protesting Against Goodluck Govt. For Trying to Increasing Petrol Price to N140

Pictured above is President Buhari's Special Assistant on Media, Lauretta Onochie protesting against former President Goodluck's government for trying to increase petrol pump price to N140 per liter, but today she is working with the incumbent president Buhari and petrol pump price is around NGN160 per liter and she also campaigned against $1 = NGN210 during the last government, but under the present government she is working for, $1 = NGN500 and she feels so good and right about it, where is the integrity and statemanship? These people have sold their conscience and generations for a peanut that will last no longer than 8 years, what a shame!

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