Thursday, February 2, 2017

Buhari's Staunch Supporter Begs Ex President Goodluck to Forgive Him for Campaigning Against His Govt!

More and more Nigerians are beginning to despise the incumbent government for disappointing them after giving Nigerians high hope of a positive change. The hardship in Nigeria is increasing daily as $USD continues to soar up in the last 1 year plus the incumbent government took over power.  This abnormal increase in $USD rate to Nigeria's Naira currency has led to abnormal increase in the price of every commodity in the Nigerian market today, and President Buhari's supporters aren't finding it funny as many of are rushing to social media to apologize publicly to the former president.

Today, a former President Buhari's staunch supporter had taken to his Twitter handle to publicly apologize to ex President Goodluck Jonathan for criticizing his government, as he called Goodluck "HERO".

See Senator Ben Bruce's reply to his public apology below after the page cut:

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