Friday, December 23, 2016

UK Top Politician Proposes Banning of Freedom of Movement in Europe After Berlin Terrorist Attack!

This news report is reaching us from Sky News, and according to the report, Nigel Farage has demanded that the EU scraps freedom of movement after the Berlin attack suspect managed to escape from Germany.

The former UK Independence Party leader tweeted: "If the man shot in Milan is the Berlin killer, then the Schengen Area is proven to be a risk to public safety. It must go."

The suspect Anis Amri, who was shot dead by police in Milan in the early hours of Friday morning, was found with a rail ticket from France to Italy.

Despite being Europe's most wanted man for most of the last week, the 24-year old Tunisian appears to have crossed two international borders without being stopped.

Schengen allows passport-free travel between most EU member states. The UK is not a part of the agreement.

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the anti-immigrant far-right National Front party in France, has also called for free movement to be scrapped.

Marine Le Pen leads the far-right anti-immigrant National Front Party
 She said: "This escapade in at least two or three countries is symptomatic of the total security catastrophe that is the Schengen agreement.

"I reiterate my pledge to give back France full control of its sovereignty, its national borders and to put an end to the consequences of the Schengen agreement."

Last year some EU countries reimposed selective border checks to help deal with the large influx of migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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