Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Sins of Modern Christians: Wake Up Call to Nigerian Christiansl!

Christianity is gradually transforming into prosperity and success. Is this what Christianity is all about?

When we were young, we were encouraged to go to Church, worship and keep the ten commandments of God because God is our creator, our maker, our Alpha and Omega who deserves our absolute worship, adoration and praise.

We weren't going to Church to get job in oil companies, we weren't going to Church or worshipping God so that God can give us big contract, nor were we worshipping God to get the richest husband or wife.

Sadly today, Christianity has transformed to prosperity kingdom where Christians are told to become born again so that they can become rich, buy the best cars, own private jets, win government contracts, get rich husband or wife‎, secure jobs with big pay, build their dream house faster, get visa to foreign countries, etc.

Please is this what Christianity is all about? If it is so, then it means all the dedicated Christians who don't get‎ good jobs, government contracts, rich husband, rich wife, big cars, houses, foreign visas, etc should going to Church.

Does it mean that all successful Christians are righteous Christians who get all or most of their prayers answered, and all the non-successful/broke/struggling Christians are sinners who don't get answer to their prayers?

It's so sad that today, people mostly become born again or become regular Church goers simply because they need miracle job, miracle husband, miracle wife, miracle house, miracle car, miracle wealth, miracle contract and miracle healing.

Christians no longer care for evangelism to spread good news about Jesus Christ.

When I say 'evangelism', I don't mean disturbing people in the same city like you to leave their Church and come to your own Church. I don't mean standing on the city road to hand over your Church flyers to other people heading to their own Church.

The evangelism I am talking about is the type that brought Jesus Christ's good news to us in Africa, I mean leaving your comfort zone in the city you are currently living in now and going to Sambisa forest to preach the good news about Jesus Christ‎ to the unbelievers there.

I keep wondering why we Christians in the southern part of Nigeria don't mobilize our brethren in numbers to go to Borno, Maiduguri, Yobe, Taraba, Adamawa, etc where the good news about Jesus Christ really need to be spread.

The early missionaries abandoned their beautiful, comfort homes in Europe to embark on dangerous journeys using rickety wooden boats to sail down here in Africa to bring the good news about Jesus Christ to us.

They came with their food, drugs and even used their own money to build missionary schools, hospitals, etc which were either low tuition or entirely free.

Imagine if Winners Chapel, Synagogue Church, Redeem (RCCG), Deeper Life, Assemblies of God, Chosen, Mountain on Fire Ministries (MFM), Apostolic Church, The Apostolic, Jehovah Witeness, Catholic, Anglican, Methodist Church, Christ Embassy, etc join efforts together to mobilize missionaries that will embark on mass evangelism in the northern Nigeria, and then back it up with food relief, free education, free transportation, free hospitals and markets, won't there be great change in Nigeria?

If Nigerian Christians had done this since the past decade or so, believe me, Boko Haram wouldn't have the ground to stand upon neither will they see enough jobless, poor, hungry, illiterate youths to mobilize as religious militants destroying lives and properties.

Instead what we have our Christians and Christians leaders only interested in harvesting in the cities without much stress.

We Christians need to leave the cities and go to the remote villages in the north and south where the good news has not yet been preached fully and tell them about Jesus Christ, and we must back it up with good works like:

1. Free education for the villagers and communities by building and running free tuition modern schools 
2. Free medical care by building community health centers where the villagers can go to get treated for free and being funded by Christians in the cities; all Churches will do weekly fund raising for this purpose via welfare offering or something 
3. Free clean water and market

This is what Christians should do to make the world a better, safer place for all not just by sitting in their comfort homes in the cities and praying and binding spirit of poverty, spirit of delayed marriage, spirit of unemployment, spirit of marine spouse and spirit of unprosperity which Jesus Christ automatically takes care of the moment we follow him sincerely from our heart.

This is a wake up call to all Nigerian Christians, we must act fast!

God bless His Church, God bless‎ Nigeria!

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