Thursday, December 22, 2016

Police Officer Ties Tie for College Student He Pulled Over for Speeding - Instead of Giving Him Tickek

US Police has once again proven that they are citizens' friends indeed, and this time, it is something very touching and hearty, though critics at Yahoo said, maybe it was the fashion police who pulled him over, lol.

When stopped for speeding, University of Wisconsin-Stout student Trevor Keeney told Officer Martin Folczyk he was running late for an important presentation and could not tie his tie.

Instead of giving the student a ticket, Officer Folczyk took pity on him and helped him out.

The officer asked the student to get out of his BMW and showed him how to properly tie the necktie.

In police dash cam footage of the November 30 incident, the officer can be heard telling Keeney: “[It is] probably not the best knot but it'll work.”

Keeney thanked the officer and the two parted ways, with no ticket issued.

The student told Inside Edition: "I think it was super cool that a cop was tying my tie. I have been getting lucky that I have been getting out of tickets and I thought, 'Gosh, dang it! My mom is going to be so mad at me'."

His mom, Lory, is grateful to the kindhearted cop, saying "it was a great lesson."

The officer has invited Keeney to the station anytime he needs further assistance tying a necktie.

Guess what I am thinking right now? If this were to be a Nigerian Police Officer or LASTMA Officer and you told him this, hehe...I am sure you and your vehicle will be chilling off at the coolest Station nearby for at least one month or more, lol

Watch the hilarious video below:

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