Wednesday, December 14, 2016

MMM Nigeria Crash: How To Safeguard Your Family & Friends That Invested in MMM

It is indeed a gloomy moment in Nigeria right now as the popular Russian invented Ponzi Scheme, MMM Nigeria crashed yesterday, leaving investors known as Mavros stranded, especially when they needed their money so badly to celebrate Christmas and plan the New Year.

As part of safety tips to help safeguard your loved ones who invested in MMM Nigeria, follow the security tips below:

Safety tips 1:
Make sure you are very close to your friends and relatives who are into MMM!

Safety tips 2:
Observe every of their movement and monitor where they are going to!

Safety tips 3:
Do not blame or argue with any of your friends or family that is into MMM at this period, until after January 31st to avoid transferred aggression!

Safety tips 4:
Do not mock or blame any of your friends or family members into MMM to avoid injury that may lead to death!

Safety tips 5:
Do not discuss your business or investment success or profit where any of your friend or family members that are into MMM are at this period until 31st January!

Safety tips 6:
If you see any of them going close to a River, Ocean or Stream, please raise alarm immediately by calling emergency number or inviting the Police!

Safety tips 7:
If you notice any of them soliloquizing (talking to him or herself), please alert the nearest psychiatrist hospital!

Safety tips 8:
If any of them begins to behave angrily and break or destroy things, please notify your friends and use cow rope to tie the person's hands and legs immediately to avoid further destruction!


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