Friday, December 30, 2016

Is Obama Exhibiting The African Leaders' Syndrome: Doesn't Want to Hand Over Power to Trump in Peace?

From the look of things, it seems US President Barrack Obama wants to exhibit that usual African leaders' dictatorship syndrome of never wanting to concede defeat and hand over power in peace after election loss? I maybe wrong anyway, but let's take a look at some facts behind my reasoning.

Ever since Donald Trump was announced winner of the last US Presidential election last November, President Obama has not really been himself as his annointed candidate Hillary Clinton failed to emerge winner despite wide speculations of landslide winning over Republican Donald Trump.

Shamefully enough, Obama could not conceal his disgust for Trump's victory at the last poll even for no other reason but to protect America's great image as the number one democratic nation and the world super power in both cyber security, military might, and what have you.

Ordinarily, I didn't expect the Almighty America, the United States of A to publicly admit that another country, a major contender, Russia decided who became their next president through cyber hacking, that's a big slap on the American security, state intelligence and overall integrity, but Obama is yet to recognize this grievous mistake because he's still under the intoxication of presidential power.

If I were Americans, especially the senate, I would have warned President Obama and the Democratic party to desist from that shameful cry and outburst of telling the whole world that Russia rigged the last American election in favor of Donald Trump, that's a big slap on America I repeat!

If you check on social media platforms, America has become a thing of ridicule as citizens of various countries from Africa, Europe, Middle East to even South America make jest of America that 'now they can feel how it feels to impose their chosen presidential candidate on other nations'. This is also an indirect admittance by America that Russia is now the global power and no longer America, what a shame on the American big image in the world.

Obama who entered the Whitehouse on popular vote and ovation from people around the world wants to leave the Whitehouse with negative image, this is absurd. From siding with the rebels in Syria to oust a sitting president to voting against Israel's occupation in West bank to sanctioning of Russia and expulsion of their diplomats, this shows that something is not right with Obama's last tenure policies and last-minute decisions as president.

Is this how Obama wants to be remembered? The first American president that fought against Israel, armed rebels to unseat an elected president of a country, told the world that Russia rigged America's presidential election and imposed their chosen candidate on Americans, and that Russia is now more secure and powerful than United States of America?

I am just so disappointed with Obama's last tenure policies and I wished someone close to him told him the consequences of his decisions on the political future of the black race living in United States.

And from the look of things, if Obama were to be a president of a country in Africa, Asia or Middle East, he would have refused to hand over to Donald Trump, and that would have dragged the country into a deadly civil war as seen in most African and Middle East countries, too bad.

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