Sunday, December 4, 2016

"How Boko Haram Slaughtered My Entire Family In Borno State" - Teenage Girl Reveals

The gory report you are about to read was compiled and published by UK DailyMail.

After fleeing her captors, she now lives in a large refugee camp with her young son and her newborn baby in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno. And speaking of her plight, Halima said:
'They killed my father and husband, then tied my mother to a tree and eventually shot her. ‘When they had killed everyone else they told me to come with them. I resisted so they threatened me with a gun. They tied my hands and tied me to a tree.

‘They told me I would get married to one of them. I told them I never would after they had killed my family. They told me I had no choice. I was married two days later. I didn’t even know who he was. I didn’t even see him during the ceremony.

'From when I was married all of the other men turned their backs on me as it is forbidden for them to look at another man’s wife. ‘The houses were like tents made with thatch. Ali and I were left alone in the house for one week. They gave me food but I didn’t speak to anyone apart from Ali the whole time.

'All I could think was that my family was dead and I had no-one. The women were all kept in their tents and no-one was allowed to see each other.’

 ‘Eventually I became pregnant. When I was eight months pregnant came the news that my husband had been killed in the fighting, and they brought his clothes to me. Soon after, I heard the sounds of war and I knew it was the military. Others ran to the bush, but I ran towards them.

'The military were surprised and asked why I didn’t run away. I said I had been waiting for this moment. They gave me bread and water and took me away. Eventually they brought back the other women as well.

‘I hadn’t been allowed to leave the house for a whole year before this point. I gave birth in the first place they took me.’ ‘Apart from what Save the Children gave me nothing here is mine. Even the cooking pot is borrowed. I need a trade. But at least I have my two children – they make me happy.

‘Fatimah is now three months. Sometimes my Bosom  milk doesn’t flow so I mix sugar in warm water and give that to her.

‘I think about my time with the insurgents a lot. When I see men approach I get scared, and when I hear loud noises I’m afraid people are coming for me again.’

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