Thursday, December 22, 2016

Former Liverpool Football Star Titi Camara Sentenced to Jail Because of His Wife!

The former Guinean international and former club player of Marseille and Liverpool was sentenced this Thursday to 6 months imprisonment suspended and the payment of 50 million Guinean francs to his wife. It is the sanction of the offenses of "forgery and use of forgeries, threats and public injuries" detained against the former Minister of Sports by the Court of First Instance of Dixinn which judged him since last September.

On the other hand, Aboubacar Titi Camara was dismissed for the purpose of prosecution for unlawful offenses as regards the offense of "abandonment of family".

Not satisfied with this decision, Titi's lawyer promised to appeal. " For now, we remain on our reserves ... We await the reasons for judgment and we will draw all the consequences. Until then, we say we do not agree with this decision and we will appeal " , Mr. Youssouf Camara has said on leaving the hearing.

Difficult for the moment to know the feelings of the former captain of Syli. At the hearing, his lawyer motivated his absence by an ankle injury he would have contracted during a training yesterday Wednesday. But for Bérété of the opposing party, Titi Camara failed at the hearing because he knew he was not right. Joined by phone, the ex-Syli captain did not want to comment on the decision either. On the other end of the line, he said he is out of Conakry.

" The law has been said. Because Titi Camara has made use of false acts to circumvent community property ", spoke Me Bérété. Although satisfied with the condemnation of Titi Camara, Me Bérété considered the 50 million Guinean francs allocated to his client derisory. " We'll see if we can do a cross-appeal to increase that amount. Because 50 million are not even children of school fees " , he said.

Counsel also disagrees that Titi is dismissed for the purpose of prosecution for an unconstitutional offense with respect to the breach of family law. And, he added, this could be the other reason for his appeal against the decision.

Source: guineanews

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