Friday, December 23, 2016

Armed Robbers Burnt in Their Robbery Vehicle By Angry Youth Mob in Cross River State! [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]

According to the eyewitness reporter, the disturbing images you are about to see are corpses of two armed robbers who were this afternoon (23/12/16) burnt in their operational vehicle in Obudu, Cross River State Nigeria when they ran out of luck after a robbery attack.

According to the eyewitness reporter, they had gone to rob a store around the market area and were about driving off when the brother to the store owner ran after them and held onto the vehicle's steering from outside. The driver in a bid to accelerate, lost control and ran into the open roadside drainage.

Onlookers now seized the opportunity to pounce on them and it ended in a brutal jungle justice. One of the robbers was fortunate to escape, while Police patrol team were able to save one of the robbers from the jungle justice. But unfortunately, two were roasted beyond recognition.

It should be noted also that this is the first time something like this is happening in the town. According to him, there have been an increased spate of armed robbery in the town for months now, almost on a daily basis.

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