Saturday, December 24, 2016

After Indonesia, Israel Introduces New Visa Policy for Nigerians!

Hmmm, its high time Nigerian leaders begin to govern Nigeria with Godly heart in order to hasten human, capacity and infrastructural development in Nigeria to reduce the rate at which Nigerians migrate out of Nigeria to other countries in search of greener pastures.

I am saying this because it just seems every country is changing their visa application policies to further make it difficult for Nigerians to come into their country.

First, it started with Indonesia that changed their visa policy and stopped processing visa in Nigeria and now Israel....see what they are up to below after the page cut:

The Embassy of Israel in Nigeria has introduced a new visa application procedure for Nigerians with effect from Jan. 1.
The embassy made the announcement in a statement by its media unit on Friday in Abuja.

According to the embassy, under the new procedure, Nigerians applying for visa must first visit the embassy’s website and fill the appropriate forms as applicable.

“The applicant must then scan all required forms and documents and email them to the address found on the Embassy’s website: (

“Thereafter, the applicant will be invited for a scheduled interview at the embassy.

“Previously, applicants were required to collect the visa application forms, fill and submit them at the embassy,” the embassy stated

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