Friday, November 18, 2016

Trump Phobia: US Electoral College Members Being 'Persuaded' by Anti-Trump via Emails to Make Hillary Clinton US President!

Tennessee's Electoral College members say they're being harassed by opponents of President-elect Donald Trump who have inundated them with hundreds of emails and phone calls asking them to change their electoral vote.

Several members of Tennessee's Electoral College delegation told The Tennessean this week they've received as many as 200 emails per day and a handful of phone calls. Electors in other states told the Tennessean they too have received similar barrages of email.

"Certainly I would call it harassment," said Pat Allen of Clarksville, Tennessee's Electoral College representative for the 7th Congressional District.

Allen said she spent almost an hour deleting the emails, many of which circle around the same talking points hammered by Trump opponents.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote nationwide, but Trump won the electoral votes.

Allen and others say they don't plan to change their vote next month when the Electoral College votes are officially recorded across the country.

"There's no amount of money you could pay me to (change my vote)," said Lynne Davis, an Electoral College member from Lascassas, part of the 4th Congressional District.

Will Sellers, an Alabama attorney who represents the second congressional district in that state told the Tennessean he has also received emails, and while he appreciates the engagement in the electoral process from concerned Americans, "they've just wasted a lot of everybody's time."

Davis also called the barrage of emails "harassment" and stopped counting at 300 or so. Davis, Allen and Drew Daniel, of the 9th Congressional District, mainly comprised of Shelby County, are all serving in the Electoral College for the first time.

Daniel represents a county that overwhelmingly voted for Clinton, with the Democratic candidate beating Trump by nearly 30 percentage points.

Though his congressional district heavily favored Clinton, Daniel said he's going to stick with the statewide preference.

"We do it statewide," he said. "I'm gonna stick to that; I don't plan to change."

Neither does Allen.

"Why in goodness name would I not represent my constituents?" asked Allen, whose district was won by Trump.

Tennessee Electoral College members are bound by law to cast their Electoral College ballot for the candidate of their political party if they're alive, according to the Secretary of State's office.

If Tennessee's electors fail to cast their ballots for the candidate, they can be prosecuted, according to the Secretary of State's office.

- Tennessean

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