Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Nigeria's Biggest Logistics Company Shutdown Operation in Nigeria to Relocate to Ghana Permanently!

Everyday as one wakes up in Nigeria, the harsh reality of the economy recession stares at ones' face with more and more foreign and indigenous companies folding up due to unfavorable operating environment.

Within a short period of one year, Nigeria has witnessed the shutting down of companies across all sectors of the economy; from transport to logistics, shipping to manufacturing, finance to insurance, oil and gas to construction, leading to over 50,000 loss of jobs in Nigeria since the last one year.

This harsh reality of the current economy recession in Nigeria has led to mass emigration of Nigerian youths to various countries like United States of America, Canada, Australia, Qatar, UAE, Germany, China, Turkey, Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Malaysia, Singapore, etc, in search of greener pastures without considering whether their destination country would favour them or not.

More heartbreaking is the fact that countries like US, Canada, Australia, China, Germany, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc are making huge money from the misery of Nigerians through visa application and processing fees.

The latest of the sad news of companies shutting down in Nigeria is that of Stellar Nigeria, one of the biggest Logistics companies in Nigeria, and a member of the Stellar Africa group owned by a prestigious foreign shipping mogul with highest stake in the Nigerian shipping sector, which employed over 200 Nigerians in the past.

The news of Stellar Logistics Nigeria's shutdown didn't come as a surprise to the large staff base because the company has been struggling to remain in business since the end of last year that Naira began a free fall to US dollar, leading to high running cost and unbearable losses for the company.

Stellar Nigeria shutdown left no fewer than 100 workers jobless, as these Nigerians have been forced back to the labour market due to Nigeria's current economy recession.

According to inside story from the company's top management, Stellar Nigeria as a whole will be shutting down operation completely in December to relocate permanently to Ghana where it operates one of the biggest Logistics/Trucking business in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This is a wake up call to Nigerian government that all is not well with Nigeria at all, and the government of the day must do all it can to make sure this recession ends in 2016 to avoid increase in crime and breakdown of law.

It is no longer time to blame the opposition or the incumbent government, all Nigerians irrespective of party affliction, religion, tribe, sentiment or belief, must put heads together to revive Nigeria's economy for the good of all Nigerians before things get worst even though it seems so already.

As part of the government's efforts to revive the Nigerian economy, the president must listen to constructive criticisms from both its supporters and opposition and do fast to reshuffle the current cabinet and bring in proven experts and tecnocrats to help change the situation for good. We can't be doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result, things doesn't work that way, it is time to work the talk by implementing the ruling party's slogan of CHANGE, by making sure a change of cabinet members is done sooner than later to bring about the promised change.

God bless Nigerians, and may God bless Nigeria.

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