Sunday, October 2, 2016

See What a Zimbabwean Woman Did to Her Husband's 17-year-old Mistress [PHOTOS]

As reported by h-metro complete culled article with SHOCKING photos below:

A 17-year old girl threatened to take her life after being stripped Unclad and beaten by her married lover’s wife after she was caught between the sheets in Budiriro 4 Extension, Zimbabwe on Monday.

Florence Chizinga of Budiriro 5 was humiliated before a crowd by her lover Shadreck Manyika’s wife only identified as Mai Shantie and she was splashed with urine.

Mai Shantie teamed up with her friend and stripped and clapped Florence while the crowd called her names after she caught her between the sheets with Shadreck.

One of the neighbours told H-Metro that Shadreck accommodated Florence, believed to be pregnant, after Mai Shantie left the house to visit her parents.

“Mai Shantie must have been tipped by someone that her husband had accommodated this lady and she returned quickly and found the two caressing and kissing each other in her matrimonial bedroom,” said the neighbour.

“The lady was attacked and splashed with urine after she threatened to stab herself with a knife and that did not go down well with the crowd.

“She is from Budiriro 5 and is claiming that she is pregnant but some believed that she is one of the ladies of the night who hook men by the streets for sex,” added the neighbour.

Mai Shantie, Florence and Shadreck refused to entertain H-Metro for comment after the fracas.

Shadreck hired a taxi and whisked Florence away with the help of neigbours who stood with him as the crowd bayed for her blood.

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