Friday, October 14, 2016

See What This Beautiful Abuja Lady was Caught Doing Just to Buy iPhone 7 [VIDEO]

23 year old Abuja lady by the name Jessica, was arrested by Nigerian Police for blackmailing her lover who happens to be a married man, and guess how she did it? She videotaped the married man butt n@ked after they had sex in a hotel. Thereafter, she threatened to send the video to the man's wife unless the married lover paid her some huge money as ransom.

At first, she succeeded in blackmailing the married lover into sending her NGN185,000 but then, nemesis caught up with her when she tried to act greedy by demanding for more money from the man but unfortunately for her, the man went to report the matter to the police.

Now, guess why she’s demanding all these money? She wanted to buy an iPhone 7! So pathetic, watch the video yourself below after page cut:

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