Saturday, October 15, 2016

Popular German Newspaper Editor Corrects President Buhari's PA for Quoting German Chancellor Wrongly!

Life is really a biatch….media made Buhari who he is today, and the same media is probably out to unmake him.

In a recent Twitter correction, between German newspaper editor and Personal Assistant to President Buhari, the later was corrected by the first for wrong reporting.

Bashir Ahmad Personal Assistant to thepresident, @MBuhari on New Media wrote on twitter:
Germany will earmark $18 billion for Lake Chad region area and $50 billion for the overall areas – German Chancellor, Angela Merkel

Dominic Johnson @kongoecho
Foreign Editor & Africa Editor of German newspaper TAZ (die tageszeitung) in Berlin countered him:
@thecableng Please #Nigeria media, stop misreporting #Buhari in Germany. Merkel pledged 18 MILLION, not BILLION, and it's humanitarian aid.

See the original tweet below after page cut:

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