Saturday, October 22, 2016

OMG! See What This Male Rapist Did to a Pregnant Woman in Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria

This shocking report from naijanewsrave will shock you and even make you ask why human are so inhumane to their fellow humans. Please be warned, the report is really disheartening.

If you have made up your mind to read the report and images, then see below after page cut: 

The population in the Ibeshe part of Ikorodu is gradually decreasing as they are continually butchered by daredevil rapists/ritualists.

Today, I write this in shock, no words to describe this shocking diabolic sodomy that has come to stay in Ibeshe. Residents of Oluwoye town woke up to the shocking death of a pregnant woman and her daughter, they were seriously tortured and butchered to death correspondent who was live at the scene told us how the family of four met their doom overnight. She said; I was told they/he came in through the window, stabbed the pregnant woman in the eyes, butchered her daughter to death, leaving the husband and daughter unconscious. Totally gruesome

Elsewhere, after they left the building, they went to another house, butchered the husband to death, the wife is currently lying unconscious in the hospital

As we write this, we are not sure if Baddo is a group of rapists or ritualists as they are said to only rape women and wife handkerchief on their private parts. One of the landlords said they called the Owode Police station since 6am but no one has showed up, not even the king.

These are hard times for people in the Ibeshe part of ikorodu as residents are already fleeing the town for their lives. Unfortunately, not everyone has a place to run to, they are begging the government to help them with security before the town turns to ruins and it's only remembered for blood.

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