Monday, October 10, 2016

"I Don't Want to Die" - Nollywood Actor Cries Out from Hospital Bed

The pains of death is real…even those that decided to take their own life do regret dying towards the dying minute when it’s usually late…

Just in case you aren’t aware, Nollywood veteran actor, Tunde Alabi has been on the hospital bed for some time now as a result of a terrible sickness . The actor who is now reportedly fighting for his life at the Lagos General Hospital has called on Nigerians to help him.

Alabi who spoke on his sickness, said

“I went to bed at about 8:30 pm that fateful day with the intention of waking up at 1 am. When it was about 9 pm, I had a strange expulsion on my right leg. “Immediately, the leg started burning and I screamed throughout the night. The following morning I couldn’tmove the leg again. It was a spiritual attack. That’s what has kept me under this condition,”

Putting to rest the allegations that he has been battling diabetes for years, the actor said that he only discovered his diabetic state after he was hospitalised.

Meanwhile, Alabi said that the hospital management is yet to come to a conclusion pertaining to the amputation of his leg.

Alabi added,

“I may be evicted from the hospital any moment from now because I have no money to sustain my stay here. I don’twant to die. I am calling on well-meaning Nigerians to come to my rescue.”

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