Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hillary Clinton Ready to Become America's First Female President As Donald Trump's Sex SCANDAL Kicks!

One of the greatest instruments of winning democratic election in the 21st century world is MEDIA! No one should underrate the power of the media....the media can make you and can also destroy you in just a matter of seconds!

The only weapon you should be scared of in our world of today is not the gun, nor the military, neither the nuclear bomb but the MEDIA! The media caused the Arab revolution that saw the end of Muarmur Gadaffi, Egypt's Mubarak, Yemen's Ali Saleh, and many others.

Nigeria's ex president Goodluck Jonathan lost the 2015 general election to incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari as a result of media attacks on Goodluck Jonathan...and today, we are about to witness the biggest media crown as Hillary Clinton and her campain team bombs Donald Trump's camp with the biggest nuclear weapon of all time, the media bomb!

Donald can now feel the defeat already as more of his fans denounce support for his presidential ambition owing to the recent sex SCANDAL in which Trump used profane words to refer to a married woman he was planning to sleep with in 2005, which Trump didn't deny but rather tendered a shocking apology that was aired on all major TV, cable networks all over the world, including the almighty CNN!

What more? Hillary Clinton is about to make history as the first female president to rule United States of America! Only a matter of time, and this truth will be unveiled, but then, can Trump's campaign team rally together to  counter this bomb shell on their camp by digging up some unheard secrets about Hillary capable of causing Hillary to withdraw her candidacy? Let's watch and see!

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