Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Buhari is Not Fighting Corruption: Goodluck Jonathan Fought Corruption More Than Buhari - Chief Eshemokhai

With time, as time flies, more and more prominent Nigerians that supported President Buhari’s war against corruption are beginning to lose faith and trust in him. Today, renowned Nigerian, Chief Tony argues that President Buhari is not fighting corruption yet. Take time and read his short assertions below after the page cut:

In this opinion however by Chief Anthony Eshemokhai, he argues that Buhari seems to be fighting corruption on the outside while his own cabinet is filled with people accused of corruption. He points out that Goodluck Jonathan actually got rid of corrupt people in his cabinet

Is Jonathan corrupt?

When people call Jonathan’s government corrupt, my question has always been like… what was that Jonathan’s government did wrong that this government is doing right.. Talk of internal corruption, Jonathan relieved a high profile minister in his cabinet, Stella Odua of her duties because of allegations of breach of procedure in purchasing armoured cars, despite her role during Jonathan’s election… (Neighbour to Neighbour) he removed her, Mr Festus Odimegwu made just a careless statement about Nigerian census as NPC chairman,
Jonathan removed him, Prof. Bath Nnaji abused his office by allowing a company he had interest in bidd for PHCN then, he was removed and many others.

The corruption within

But here we are in this government, Amaechi was accused of corruption, he was confirmed a minister, Lai Mohmmed used unapproved loan to travel to China, no action, Dambazzu was implicated in the arms purchase scandal, his tenure was skipped, Burutai was fingered in acts of corruption, no action, SGF Babachir was linked to MTN 500 million naira, deal no action, Padding at House of Reps, no action, 270 million naira used to cut grasses in three months at IDP, no action.What are we saying here. Jonathan’s government was corrupt no doubt but what has this government done right in that direction, especially with the inner caucus of this government. My heart bleeds.

If you don’t fight corruption within, you cannot win the war in fighting corruption outside. No way. All such window dressing are nothing but executive shakara.

- Naij

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