Monday, October 10, 2016

Ben Carson Defends Donald Trump's Obscene Comments About a Married Woman in Leaked Tape!

Ben Carson on obscene comments in Donald Trump tape: 'That was a very different time in his life and at that time he was a billionaire playboy' - @Bencjacobs

But of the truth, 99.99% of rich men all over the world must have said or did something like this to women, so why the noise? Even President Obama was caught on live camera hitting on married Danish female Prime minister in South Africa some years ago during Nelson Mandela’s burial, which infuriated Michelle to the extent Michelle showed her anger openly and also switched seat with Obama to prevent President Obama from flirting with the pretty married Danish Prime Minister, so let them caught Trump some slack because virtually all rich men see beautiful women as their possession, which is bad anyway, but singling out Trump on this is not good enough…Americans should focus more on the nominees’ ability to restore America’s dwindling economy, security and health. That’s my opinion though

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