Wednesday, September 14, 2016

WATCH Ryan Lochte Attacked on Dancing With The Stars Premiere: Two Men Arrested On Video

Just in case you missed the drama yesterday, we at ngnblog wish to bring back the action of yesterday for you here. See full details below:

Ryan Lochte was attacked on Dancing With The Stars Season 23 Premiere episode by two men who were tackled by security and arrested. Tonight’s season 23 premiere of Dancing With The Stars got off to a rocky start when controversial Olympian Ryan Lochte took the DWTS stage with his pro dance partner Cheryl Burke. Cheryl and Ryan Lochte’s dance was decent (SEE IT HERE), but it was after the music ended that things got really interesting.

As per Dancing With the Stars tradition, Cheryl Burke and Ryan Lochte lined up on the stage with Tom Bergeron to get their critiques and scores from the judges. While Carrie Ann Inaba was talking to the Olympic swimmer and Burke, two figures could be seen rushing across the camera screen. Of course the producers were quick to switch over to commercial since the Season 23 premiere was live on ABC.

Carrie Ann Inaba was heard yelling “Excuse Me, Excuse Me!” as the broadcast switched to commercial. According to a report from People Magazine, the disturbance on stage was two men who were protesting Ryan Lochte, they had his names on their shirts with red X’s.

According to reports, the security team rushed on stage to try and remove the protestors and there was a bit of a scuffle on the stage. One of the protestors was pushed in to Tom Bergeron, Cheryl Burke, and Ryan Lochte. Fan favorite Derek Hough also reportedly got involved and ran out on the stage and shouted at the security team to get the protestors “Out of here!” The attackers were tackled and arrested by security and taken out in handcuffs. Throughout the bizarre incidents fans supported poor Lochte by booing his attackers.

When Dancing With The Stars returned from the commercial break, Lochte and Burke were clearly shaken up. Cheryl barely spoke and was shaking, while Ryan Lochte looked like he was about to burst in to tears. Of course, the DWTS judges and host tried to downplay the incident… but it was a hot mess.

What a crazy way to kick off Fall 2016 Dancing With The Stars season! What do you think of what happened to Ryan Lochte?

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