Thursday, September 1, 2016

Vladimir Putin Arrested in Florida U.S!

Hey! It's not the Russian president, but quite the coincidence, so calm down and read details below!

A man named Vladimir Putin has been arrested in Florida.

No, not Russian President and Donald Trump bro Vladimir Putin. Instead, a West Palm Beach man who shares Putin’s name was arrested for screaming at employees at a Publix supermarket.

According to police reports, Putin was busted on Aug. 21, and local news indicates he was in court Monday to face a charge of resisting/obstructing officer without violence.

What makes the incident all the more curious is that Putin was born, according to his arrest record, in 1968, well before the Russian strongman rose to the public stage. Only in Florida, I guess.

Twitter, of course, is having fun with the incident. Below are some of the better messages circulating the Twitter-verse.

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