Monday, September 19, 2016

U.S is Under Terrorist Siege As Bomb Explosion Rock New York City & New Jersey - Sign of Horror to Come?

From the look of things that happened since yesterday, one can conclude that the great United States of America is under terrorist siege even though there has not been any death record yet in the two bomb explosions that happened in NYC and NJ, which seemed to be a highly controlled attack planned to happen concurrently to create fear and chaos in the States.

Sources: Up to 5 People in FBI Custody in Connection With NY Bombing, Following Traffic Stop (ABC News)

This should be a warning signal to the government of United States because it seems the recent global terror spread that hit Europe is gradually spreading its wicked wings to the great United States of America. Let's hope and pray the outcome of US Presidential election in November will not lead US to a more insecurity situation like we have in many parts of the world, though I trust US security operatives, they are good to go!

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