Thursday, September 1, 2016

Proof That African Presidents Are Womanizers: President Rawlings Sack Male Help, Chooses Female [WATCH VIDEO]

Little wonder Africa has remained underdeveloped after decades of independence from European Colonial Masters., simply because the so-called leaders are so corrupt, so freaky about women that they spend most of their years in office stealing public money, national commonwealth which they use to entice uncountable number of women they sleep with while their country burn in hunger and economic recession.

In the above video, former President of Ghana, Jerry Rawlings at a special Congregation of the University for Development Studies to confer an honorary degree on him in 2013, drew laughter from the audience when he 'sacked' a man who had wanted to help hold the microphone for him.

'I think I prefer the lady' Rawlings told the man who had come to relieve the woman holding the mic.

" Oh this little warmth too you want enjoy too [you want to take away from me], Rawlings laughed.

It is an old video, but still draws fresh laughter.

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