Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Is This The Most Expensive Car in The World? [PHOTOS]

The most expensive car in the world as at now is no other but Maybach Exelero!  This 6-liter V12 RWD car is priced at $8 million. This high-performance unique sports vehicle is the most expensive car in the world. The RWD layout ensures stability for the vehicle. It is powered by 700 hp (515 kw) engine.

See the real picture below after page cut:

This car is a combination of luxury, class, sports and classic in one. Do you know that you can reach a top speed of 351 kmph with Maybach Exelero. It takes less than 4.5 seconds to reach 100 kmph with this car.

If you are a Nigerian, don't even dream of owning this car anytime soon because at the current inflation rate of Nigerian naira to USD of $1 - NGN420, it means that to acquire this car, you will need: $8,000,000 x 420 = ₦3,360,000,000 (₦3.36billion) + over %50 custom clearing, so to own this car as a Nigerian living in Nigeria today, you should budget between ₦4billion - ₦5billion for just one car! Lol

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