Sunday, September 18, 2016

Check Out This Completely Gold Public Toilet in New York [Photos]

Members of the public are being invited to relieve themselves on an 18-carat toilet .

Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan created the fully functional bog for the Guggenheim museum in New York.

The sculpture named his work ' America ', and it replaces a traditional porcelain lavatory in a single unisex lavatory.

Cattelan says his interactive exhibit is about "ultimately reminding us of the inescapable physical realities of our shared humanity".

The Guggenheim, on the famous Fifth Avenue, says the piece is about "making available to the public an extravagant luxury product seemingly intended for the one percent", according to the museum .

Is also describes the gold loo as "a bold, irreverent work."

Visitors really are allowed to use the expensive seat. All you have to do is pay standard museum admission, and away you go.

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