Monday, September 19, 2016

Arrested Pickpocket Suspect SHOCKS Police By Stealing Police Officer’s Money During Interrogation!

Officials of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS), Lagos State, were shocked to their bone marrow when a suspect, arrested for stealing, stole money belonging to one of his interrogators. The suspect, Deji Ayoola (28), allegedly proved he was a professional thief after he stole N1,200 inside the police office during interrogation.

During his interrogation at the RRS’s headquarters at Alausa, Ikeja, Ayoola stealthily stepped on N1,200 which fell from a policewoman’s pocket while she was removing a cell phone from her pocket. Rather than draw the woman’s attention to the money, Ayoola pocketed it.

Another suspect, who was also in police custody, saw him and alerted the policewoman. Ayoola was nabbed by the patrol team of the squad at Ojodu Berger at the weekend for picking the pocket a commuter, Ayodele Akerele, trying to board a commercial vehicle to the Redemption Camp. He had successfully perpetrated the crime before the RRS operatives, who saw him remove Akerele’s wallet, pursued and arrested him. Akerele said he was not aware his money had been stolen.

He said: “I collected N14,500 from Automated Teller Machine (ATM) at Berger, on my way to the Redemption Camp. I had no idea my money had been removed. When it was time to pay my fare, I discovered my wallet had disappeared. “In fact, I had even forgotten about the money until the following day, when an operative from RRS called me that my wallet was recovered from a suspect when they nabbed him.

The policeman added that they found my mobile number inside my wallet which made it easy for them to call me. I was shocked to hear this because I had already lost hope of recovering the money.” Ayoola confessed he stole Akerele’s money. He said: “I truly removed the wallet from his pocket before I was arrested by the policemen. They bundled me to their office immediately. It was the devil who pushed me into the act. I pray to God to forgive me.”


  1. Why is it that after when they are caught, they blame the devil? Pick pocketing thief...hmm

    1. That's the easiest thing to blame and get away with it I think, lol