Tuesday, August 23, 2016

US Makes $10million From Nigeria In Rejected American Visa Applications

This is indeed sad and pathetic...black nations have refused to change for good. Black nations are a disgrace to human kind. What a failed race. A race that cannot govern itself and excel above others. A race that only dwell on religious and ethnic violence while other races are busy thinking on the next best technology innovation to solve the problem of mankind.

African nations cried of slavery and demanded for freedom and independence, but many decades have passed and African nations are still backward; no steady electricity supply, no employment for youth graduates, no basic amenities, no solid educational system to produce productive youths, no nothing.

Nigerians only excel when they travel out of their own country to Europe or America. Shame on all the past and present leaders of Nigeria! You all have failed humanity and mankind will never be just to you all! I feel so sad right now! I feel so so sad about the situation of this country called Nigeria.

Many youths are able and ready to work but no job for them! This is causing late marriages among Nigerian youths....in Nigeria now life begins at 40! SHAME!

But the problem cannot be blamed on the government alone because it is we youths of today that will still grow to become the government and leaders of tomorrow.....20 years ago, Goodluck Jonathan was a nobody in government....but few years ago, he was the man in charge of Nigerian affairs, deciding the fate of all Nigerians; both old and young.

So the problem is in us black people....it is in we Nigerians....we as a nation, as a people have failed ourselves....we only love to run to organized countries of Europe, America, Asia, Dubai, Qatar to milk their land dry and even look back at our country and laugh at those suffering there thinking we are achievers whereas these countries can change their policies one day and decide to tell us to go back to our country; it is very possible, only time will tell....

Tomorrow, when we eventually become the same government, the same leaders, we will forget today and will never help change our nation for good but will rather dump our past memory to embrace a flamboyant life; oh US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump was right that black people are lazy and can't govern themselves. We deserve every insult they throw at us...in fact, it is high time Europe, America, etc stop allowing our politicians and leaders to come to their country! It is high time they stop giving our so-called useless leaders visas because they don't deserve to see the good things in another man's country when they failed to develop their own country to be good.

In summary, the problem is with we Nigerians, we black people and not Nigerian government because we are the people that will grow to become the same leaders messing up the country! Black people are shameless.....we succeed only when we travel out of our country....we rejoice only when we travel out of our country, we excel only when we travel out of our country, but we fail to make our own country a paradise for our unborn children.

It is shameful!

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