Thursday, July 14, 2016

OMG! See What Shop Owner is Doing with His Female Worker! [PHOTOS]

A Chinese shop owner and his female employee has shocked the world with their weird act on duty. The man and the female employee were caught having S3@.x:’ at a fashion clothing shop in Harbin or Guangzhou (the exact location is unknown), China.

Details and photos below:

The couple was caught in the act in the shop in Harbin

Their antics were filmed on CCTV camera and now the three-minute-long video is making rounds on Chinese social media and websites.

According to local media sources, the man is the owner of the shop, where the process takes place, while the woman is his worker.

Footage shows the middle-aged man standing straight and the woman leaning on the table while they are having a doggy-styled S3@.x:’ behind the counter.

At one point the customer comes in and the pair separate themselves from each other as if nothing happened.

After the video has been widely shared Chinese authorities have launched an investigation.

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