Thursday, July 14, 2016

Now Prince Harry Tested for HIV - What's Kate Middleton Going to Do Next?

Prince Harry tested for HIV and was recorded to illustrate just how easy it is for people to get tested. Harry is following in Princess Diana’s footsteps by promoting HIV and AIDS awareness. Will Prince William and Kate Middleton receive HIV tests in support of Prince Harry’s charity work?

HIV testing has come a long way from the days when Princess Diana visited AIDS hospices and cuddled babies and children born with HIV. The free blood test involves a simple finger stick, a small amount of blood and the results are instantaneous.

The gentleman conducting Prince Harry’s test explained that one dot on the test shows a non-reactive result, two dots indicates a positive result. Harry’s results came through in less than 30 seconds and were non-reactive – no HIV.

The most difficult part of the entire process for Harry was the finger stick. The prince told the gentleman that one stick would do! However, the most difficult part for others is just walking through the door of the clinic. The fear of the unknown also keeps people from getting tested for HIV.

Now that Harry has shown just how easy it is for anyone to get an HIV test and that patients need not worry about waiting for results will Kate Middleton and Prince William also participate by also receiving the test?

Kensington Palace issued a statement regarding Prince Harry’s campaign for HIV awareness. “Prince Harry believes that until everyone is relaxed about taking HIV tests – whether from higher risk groups or not – then tacking the stigma and fear surrounding this simple test will continue to allow the virus to win.”

Princess Diana would certainly be proud that one of her sons has picked up where she left off when it comes to focusing attention on HIV awareness. Diana probably jumped right in and visited the Burrell Street Sexual Health Clinic with Harry for testing.

It’s time for Prince William and Kate Middleton to step up and keep Princess Diana’s legacy from fading away and disappearing completely.

Prince Harry has supported The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s initiative to promote mental health awareness and anti-bullying campaign. Shouldn’t Kate and William support Harry in his campaign to promote HIV awareness? Come back to CDL for all your Royal news daily.

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