Friday, July 15, 2016

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Liz Admits Franco Attraction – Could They Be Port Charles Next Super Couple?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that after the heated elevator confrontation where Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) admitted she’s drawn to Franco (Roger Howarth), it’s only a matter of time before the two are coupled up. But do they have the makings to be a supercouple? Read the facts then vote in the POLL.

What is a supercouple?
Did you know Wikipedia even has a page that defines the soap opera supercouple parameters? The research says it’s a popular or wealthy couple that fascinates soap fans intensely. Liz and Franco are certainly popular and polarizing – people either love or hate them – and now that Franco’s mom handed him a stack of cash, there’s wealth there too.

What about Liason?
GH fans have been crowing for Liason since Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) came back from the dead as Jake Doe and we have to admit Jake and Liz’s chemistry was electric. But now Jason belongs to Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) and Liz fans need to let the Liason hope die once and for all. Friz is the new Liason! You have to admit that Franco and Liz’s chemistry is white hot.

Franco is good for Liz
We all know Liz has phenomenally bad taste in men and Franco fits the bill as a formercome obsta serial killer. But he’s also a really good guy because he’s reformed. He’s dark enough where he would defend her to the death but good enough where he would bring light and love to her life. Franco didn’t want to fall for the single mom, but he’s fallen hard – and now she’s admitted she’s falling too.

Franco is good for Liz’s boys
Liz’s poor boys have no consistent male in their lives. Jake Doe was finally going to be a dad to all three but then he’s been skittering around with Sam. Franco is around and can be a consistent male presence in their lives and, despite his worries about being a biological parent, he’s got the potential to be a fine step-parent to all three of her boys.

What are the obstacles?
Before we crown Liz and Franco Port Chuck’s new supercouple, though, there are some obstacles. Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford) will continue to hate on the fact that Franco is moving on with Liz and is about to get three kids while she has none. And let’s not forget Jason. Once he’s back from his adventure in Greece, he will NOT like to see Liz with Franco, so that will be a fight.

Will Liz continue to fight the attraction?
Liz admitted to Franco that she asked Epiphany Johnson (Sonya Eddy) not to schedule her with Franco because the more she’s around him, the more tempted she is by him.  We know she enjoyed that kiss even though they agreed to forget about it. Liz won’t fall right into bed with Franco – we can expect this to be a slow burn that builds to an intense and inevitable conclusion.

How long until they couple up?
If they stayed in Port Charles, Liz and Franco might progress more slowly in their relationship. But soon, Jake Webber (Hudson West) will tell Franco something about his captivity in Greece that will send Franco and Liz to Cassadine Island chasing answers. That will land them in danger and when Franco protects Liz time and again, it will fast-track their feelings for one another.

Bringing out the best in each other
Since Liz and Franco became friends, her sulking days are gone and she’s smiling again. Franco too is far less brooding and lights up when Liz enters the room. There’s a twinkle in his eye when he sees her. She rarely smiles these days unless it’s at Franco. He’s the beast to her beauty – and the writers have done well with this pairing.

What do you think GH fans? Could Franco and Liz be Port Charles’s next supercouple? Are you rooting for them to get together? Do you love or hate this pairing?