Friday, July 8, 2016

2 Years After a Popular Ghanaian Musician Castro & His Girlfriend Disappeared without Trace [Video]

Sometime in July 2014, a popular Ghanaian artiste by the name Castro De Destroyer and his girlfriend, Janet got missing after the car they were driving in dived into a river in Ghana....all efforts to rescue them proved abortive as their body were never found till date, causing so many Ghanaian witch doctors to predict that the couple were adopted by the marine spirit known as Maame water.

Some of these con artistes parading themselves as comptrollers of the spirit rem even bragged on Ghana radio and TV programs that they know where Castro and Janet are, and can bring them back, thereby using the unfortunate opportunity to exploit money from the missing couple's family, hence, causing them more grief, but one obvious no one has told Castro and Janet's family members and loved ones is this: they are not alive!

As hard as it may sound in our lips to say, we cannot withhold saying the hurtful words - RIP Castro and Janet.

Enjoy one of Castro's songs below:

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