Sunday, June 12, 2016

Wife Catches Husband Cheating with Another Woman & She Did This....[PHOTOS]

From a video footage that has gone viral online, a young lady was seen being attacked and humiliated in public by the wife of the man she was having an illicit affair with. It seems the wife had been trailing them for a while. She Went with someone to capture the action as she finally busted them this time around. She proceeded to teach the poor lady a lesson. The friend of the wife, pictured in trousers actually led her to where the husband and the mistress had just finished catching fun and were about to leave.

However, the husband seemed to side with the mistress as he rescued her from the claws of her enraged wife. That's the cheating husband in blue t-shirt. It took the support of another man to hold the woman down from wrecking more havoc on the mistress. The mistress was eventually whisked away on a bike before the wife catches up with her again.

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