Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Obese Lady Lost Heavy Weight By Doing This Everyday!

AN OBESE woman decided to shed the weight after a break-up and was so unrecognisable people though she’d gone under the knife.

But Laura Micetich, 25, claims clean eating and weight lifting - the natural way - were key to her success. This comes after what is the FODMAP diet?

For years, Laura, from Jackson in Tennessee, USA, was known online as the Iron Giantess.

Standing at six-foot and having secretly struggled with binge eating her entire life, her giant frame made her “intimidating”.

By 2014 she had ballooned to 21 stone, but after the break down of a four year relationship she decided to beat the flab and get fit.

Laura said: “It wasn’t emotional eating, it was just something I did.

“The turning point was after I had graduated and just came out of a four year relationship.

“I am a teacher and my size was the first thing the kids picked up on.

“It wasn’t them being mean spirited, kids just have no problem being honest.”

The teacher initially considered weight loss surgery but when she joined the gym and watched the first few pounds fall off she realised she could do it naturally.

Laura switched to clean eating and started weight lifting, and in just a year she had lost half her body weight.

Two year later and the beautiful brunette looks so differed people have accused her of having surgery or taking weight loss pills.

She said: “There was no pills or surgery, just hard work.

“I think the weight lifting also helped me not to have lots of excess skin.”

Laura claims her Instagram account also played a big part in her role of getting fit.

She said: “Documenting my journey played a huge role of getting me fit as there was community to support and encourage me and vice versa.

“My main goal is just to be happy and healthy. I love the gym now - I do weight training six days a week but it’s more about the lifestyle now not just losing weight.”

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