Friday, June 3, 2016

Nigerians Worried About President Buhari's Health - See Why

So many concerned Nigerians are beginning to worry about the President's health, with many arguing that he may not be as strong as we assume owing to the fact of his too many presidential trip cancellations of recent.

You will recall that President Muhammadu Buhari cancelled his official visit to Lagos State, the state that worked so hard to bring him to the corridors of power today....this came as a shock to many Lagosians, including the state governor, Akinwunmi Ambode who spent billions preparing for the coming of the number one citizen to his state.

While Nigerians argued that President Buhari's Lagos visit cancellation came as a result of the president's health, others believe the President wasn't prepared mentally enough for the trip, though the opposition insists its about the President's health...and while these arguments continued, President shocked even his supporters again when he cancelled his planned official flag off of the Ogoni land oil spill clean-up yesterday, and instead appointed his vice, Prof. Osinbajo to represent him at the event.

This caused a nationwide outbursts on newspaper stands, social media and offices, with people pouring out their disappointment with the president's Ogoni land trip cancellation.

Though some of President Buhari's supporters maintained that the president knows what he's doing and cannot be coerced into doing what he doesn't wish to do, those at the opposition laughed at the president, claiming that he cancelled his trip just because of an ordinary assassination threat by an unknown caller on a London based Radio Biafra programme.

Still, many Nigerians believe its about the president's health, and while Nigerians are still wondering what could be the reasons for President Buhari's consecutive official trip cancellations, comes another huge one - President cancels his official trip to Dakar, Senegal!

This Senegal trip cancellation will make it the third crucial official trip the president has cancelled consecutively!

Now, the question many concerned Nigerians on social media and newspaper stands are asking is: HOW STRONG IS THE PRESIDENT? Is everything okay with the widely supported president who swore to bring past corrupt politicians to book? I think, only time will answer this critical question, but then, we at ngnblog wish the president well in all his effort to bring change in Nigeria.

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