Thursday, June 2, 2016

Kate Middleton Starves To Look Like a Hollywood Star: Life Pressure Becoming Too Much for Her?

Has been Kate Middleton been starving herself to look like Hollywood Royalty? Aren’t the pressures and responsibilities of being a real-life Royal enough for the Duchess of Cambridge? Concern over Kate Middleton’s skeletal shape are nothing new.

Friends and family have fretted over Kate’s unhealthy eating habits for quite some time. Despite the Cambridge’s marriage problems, Prince William has begged Kate to eat a balanced diet. But Kate Middleton has stated clearly that Angelina Jolie is her idol – so good luck with that Wills, your wife wants to look like a Hollywood star – and that means sick skinny!

Royal watchers who saw the photos of Kate at the Heads Together Event questioned whether or not Kate had lost more weight from her already much too thin frame. The Duchess of Cambridge looked haggard, overtired and outright miserable in one of the photos taken at the event.

Queen Elizabeth has kept Kate Middleton and Prince William very busy with lots of Royal responsibilities lately. Does the pressure of all this work have Kate nibbling just enough at meals to make it appear she’s eaten. Or is Kate skipping meals altogether in an effort to be movie star thin for the cameras?

There are those that will have the world believe that Kate is just our average mom chasing two toddlers around every day and that’s what keeps her in top physical condition. Insiders have revealed that Kate loves to cook and prepares meals for William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte containing lean proteins and lots of delicious fruits and vegetables.

What does Kate do when she has a craving for something sweet? The future Queen does not grab a carton of ice cream and a spoon. Oh no! Kate throws some berries into the blender, pours in some almond milk and gives it a while and makes a smoothie. Easy as that – craving curbed!

Kate Middleton walked the Hollywood red carpet like a pro during Kate and William North American tour in July 2011. Some of Hollywood’s thinnest ladies were on hand to meet the newlyweds including Victoria Beckham. Victoria is one of the most rail thin women on either side of the pond. Is that when Kate’s obsession over her weight began?

Is Prince William stuck with a shallow wife with an eating disorder who wants nothing more than to be Hollywood glamorous and not be saddled with any substantial charity work?


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