Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kat Stacks Caught on Camera Getting Pimped Slapped by Ex Boyfriend

Kat Stacks, the racist h** that tried to frame Soulja Boy as a coke head, just got roughed up by her boyfriend…and it was all caught on video!

The footage was initially recovered by Hot 97, and it has made its way onto all the blogs.

A video posted by mouthtoears (@mouthtoears) on

The man can be seen pulling Kat’s hair and spitting in her face. At first, it was assumed he was her pimp. But Kat cleared things up by confirming that he’s her ex-boyfriend who loves to get physical when he’s on drugs.

 In true attention w****** fashion, Kat began to post all of her ex-boyfriend Trill’s text messages on Instagram. She also posted his government name and his mugshot from a previous arrest.

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