Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Joselyn Dumas: The Ghanaian Hip-star?

Ghanaian hip-star and actress-Joselyn Dumas made a recent appearance in Abuja, Nigerian and flamboyantly, the dwarves that control the appearance and disappearance of her infamous hips were not on strike—so the hips came home to roost, to the delight of fans.

Purposely going for a bodycon, Joselyn Dumas succeeded in showcasing the might of her hips—which she proudly carried around.

That’s a million dollar hips; at least to some of the women and men of today.

I know of a woman who would forfeit everything just to have what Joselyn Dumas is carrying in the above photo.

As we’ve noticed, the hips’ inconsistency is a little weird.

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