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7 Popular Reasons Ladies Marry Guys That Always Lead Them to Divorce

‎Love is a beautiful thing, no doubt, but when we confuse lust for love and claim to be in love just because our selfish desires and wants have been met, it can only lead us to a life of regrets later.

In this short article, we will be taking a look at some of the vague reasons or factors that majority of 21st ladies consider before agreeing to marry a man, and of course these reasons usually cause most single ladies to end up making the wrong choice of life partner, which in turn lands them in unhappy marriages that usually lead to divorce.

Remember, we didn't write this article to spite single ladies or to encourage single guys out there not to work hard and groom, but to enlighten both the male and female singles on the need to consider more meaningful things that will not expose them to making the wrong choice of marriage partner.

Now, what are those vague reasons why majority of ladies marry the wrong man?

1. Height

Researches have shown that majority of women consider height of a man first before even considering his manner and character when it comes to accepting and rejecting a date or suitor.

Many women are in unhappy marriages today where they are being used as the punching bag by their presumed husbands simply because they were obsessed by the man's height initially, and turned down several wonderful men who came asking them out simply because those men were not tall or didn't appear as tall as they wished in their small feminine mind.

Ladies, it's high time to make adjustment; height is never a determinant of good husband, neither does height of the man always determine how tall his children will be‎.

2. Job/Profession

In as much as this seem to be normal, I want to disappoint you ladies today by telling you that a man's present job or profession is never a determinant of who he will become in some years to come, and you know why? Things are changing, those profession you think are useless today may become the hot-in-demand profession tomorrow as more and more people clinge on the popular professions, thereby making them common and less demanding in the market.

And again, remember that people lose their job on daily basis irrespective of their position? That should be a good reason for you not to select partner based on his present job, because he may lose that big job you saw today tomorrow.

I know once a single lady hears: I am a doctor, they start to dream about their wedding day with the young doctor, and when they hear; I work with shell, they begin to plan the wedding ahead. These attitudes have landed so many ladies in unhappy marriages that they ended up not seeing the end, while some rushed out of the marriage faster than they rushed into it.

3‎. Apartment

As shocking as it may sound, do you know that so many ladies got married to a man simply because he was living in a posh apartment with that cozy setting? Little wonder why some single guys spend their last penny renting and furnishing their apartment to entice ladies.

Ladies please listen and listen up; beautiful apartment is good, but don't rush into agreement of marriage to him simply because he's living in one of the coolest apartments in town; he could have rented it when things were okay, it could be a fast deal that brought in the money he used to rent and furnish it, and such deals are never sustainable remember? Think ladies, think!

4. Car

I once overheard a group of successful young men mention that with the way and manner Nigerian women get freaky about car, that it seems Nigerian women's brain were used in manufacturing the bolts and nuts of cars, ‎and I couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud lol.

When will ladies stop being freaky about men's car? Even the ladies that own cars and those their parents and siblings are driving expensive cars can't stop getting freaky and slayed by guys in fancy cars, why ladies, why?

Car shouldn't be a measure of wealth or readiness of a man because there are guys who own successful businesses without owning a car, whereas there are guys that are earning below 100,000 a month salary and own very clean car that you may end up thinking they are managers of their own company.

What determines a man's future is not his material possessions now, but his intellectual possession, goals and drive for success.

Some guys you see trekking on the road now are richer than some men you see seated at the car owner seat of the latest Toyota Land Cruiser SUV, and only time can unveil that hidden secret, so look beyond his present condition now and consider his goals, ambition, determination, plans and actions.

With the latest cars in vogue now, I wonder how women that got enticed and impregnated ‎by men because of Mercedes Benz v-boot and Mercedes Benz 190 will be feeling now when they see the car pass by.

One thing ladies must understand about life is this: good things can never finish, because your man isn't driving a Honda End of Discussion today doesn't mean he wouldn't drive a better car tomorrow, give him time, and stop concluding his future because of his condition now, remember, only time can determine who and what we will become in life!

5. Six Pack and broad shoulders!

As funny as it may sound, do you know that many ladies are getting married to guys just because of six packs?

I several occasions, I have overheard ladies fantasize about marrying a guy with six packs, how they crave to run their fingers on his‎ broad shoulders and six packs while making love, and to them, that's enough reason to say 'I do' to him and turn down the other no-six-pack, no-broad-shoulder wonderful men with marriageable qualities, I pity your children when hunger strikes!

Does Alike Dangote, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Carlos Slim, Mr. Forest, David Cameron, Vladmir Putin, Muhammadu Buhari, Goodluck Jonathan, Barrack Obama, David Trump, TB Joshua, David. Oyedepo, Adeboye, Chris Oyakhilome, Rochas Okorocha, Mike Adenuga, Ben Murray Bruce, Pat Utomi, etc have six packs??? Ladies think!

Six packs, broad shoulders, pink lips, sexy lips, rich hair, etc are physical qualities ‎any man that has the means can acquire with little time, dedication and budget, but those qualities that make a man honorable, successful and respectable can never be bought or acquired, I am talking about qualities like:

- humility
- being focused
- being intelligent
- being smart and witty
- being endearing 
- being slow to anger
- visionary
- being determined
- being contented
- not being lazy
- being faithful
- being trustworthy
- being dependable 
- being domestic
- being God fearing

‎6. Sex

In as much as sex is a very vital factor in marriage, saying 'I do' to a man simply because he can satisfy you sexually is as disastrous as falling for a man because he's driving a latest car, and you know why? Because his sex drive may change tomorrow when life pressure, financial pressure and daily routine start to wear him out.

Don't compare how your university or Polytechnic campus boyfriend makes love to you to how a mature man hustling to make money will‎ make love to you, of course the campus boy will perform better most times since he's not worried about many things.

Our sex drive and performance is mostly determined by our state of mind and stress level.

That guy that doesn't perform well in bed today may become expert tomorrow if he becomes relaxed and commits his mind to the act, so don't turn him down simply because he can't perform as you desire now, you can even help him become an expert by passionately showing him the way.

7. Visa & Travel Opportunity

Nothing freaks a Nigerian girl like the fantasy of living abroad and living that fantasy life she watches on Telemundo, Zee World and Hollywood movies.

Yes, we all desire a good life, but don't slaughter your future happiness out of selfish quest for momentary satisfaction of your fantasy.

Who said you can't live your dream life here in Nigeria? Who said you must travel abroad to live a fulfilled life? Who said living abroad automatically makes you rich? Who said all people living abroad are living‎ a good life? Who said you can't make it successful in Nigeria?

Please emancipate you‎rself from mental slavery; living abroad doesn't make you rich.

Many ladies have rushed to marry a guy simply because he lives abroad, only to travel to meet him and discover that he's not as rich as they thought, and not living a fancy life as the pictures they saw.

Remember, I am not saying it's wrong to marry a guy living abroad, but please don't make the decision mainly because he lives abroad to avoid later regrets.

Before you agree or disagree to marry any man, please ladies seek for God's guide. God is a merciful God, irrespective of our sins, He is still our father and will always answer our sincere prayers to Him.

Stop using your human wisdom, fantasy, greed and selfish desires to select men if you don't want to regret later in life.

Wishing you guys the best of luck in your life's decisions.

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