Wednesday, June 1, 2016

2Face's Babymamas' Sister Blast His Wife Annie Idibia: DO YOU WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW THE TRUTH?

Okay, it all started some hours ago when Annie Idibia indirectly lashed at Pero (one of 2face's BabyMamas) over not letting 2face see his kids, She actually called her a selfish woman. Read what she said below:

annieidibia1Am all about child abuse for the last few weeks… And I realize that they are so many forms of it! Even as parent we do this without even knowing!!! Let’s love our children more than the situations!!! Shout out to all the separated parent /EX who don’t stress the other parent over seeing their own kid!!! God bless you.. Your reward is bigger and it is in heaven…

#sayNo2Parentalalienation #saynotochildabuseforreal #loveyourkidsmore #whatGoneIsGone #letgo #livefree God bless u real big @s/o to @sunmbo great woman

Well I guess right now some of you are already feeling all sorry for her, but that’s not all.

Apparently Pero’s elder sister has given her a Sounding reply and it seems there is more to it than we can see, lets see what she said

enibabyplus6 writes:
How dare you Annie! Enough! Your cup is running full. If you want me to finish you here or on any media your fake career will dome to an end

Do you think we have deleted all your evil messages concerning those 3 kids Do you want the world to know the truth on how you keep him from seeing his kids. 
Girl…..don’t even go there with me! I am not hiding, I am Pero’s only sister! The older one. This is clap back season and i am so in on it. How dare you throw a subtle shade?!. 
You think her keeping quiet means she is silly, you think she doesn’t know how to use social media to aim fame? Leaving her life in the US quietly is because she respects her children, loves them and does not throw them on social media to score cheap points and cheap likes. You think you can trespass that territory You just crossed the line. If you think you are superwoman, I got the krypton items for your ass! #dontevengothere, #youaretreadingonscorpionstail #liar!!!

If you think you can start something just because he got away from your claws to throw a 10th birthday party for his daughter, you got something else coming your way. #liar #Igotyourtime #andforyourtrollstoo! 

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