Monday, May 16, 2016

Unknown Pastor Heals Mad Man in Lagos State [Photo]

A mad man has regained his sanity after a pastor reportedly prayed for him. The miraculous event occurred at Cele bus stop area in Lagos state on Friday, may 13th.

The man identified as Taiwo Shittu has been insane for over 15 years and on that faithful day was sitting under a bridge with two other mad people. The pastor who healed him was in a commercial bus and alighted after seeing the three mad men.

While the two others were said to have fled on sighting the Man of God, Shittu surprisingly stayed behind. After prayers, Shittu was said to have been confused and wondered why he was in rags. Onlookers on witnessing the miracle, immediately started pouring in cash donations and praising the pastor. Shittu's overgrown hair was immediately shaven and fresh clothes were given to him.

The pastor said 'the spirit' told him to pray for and deliver Shittu from bondage.

Culled from: dumebiifeanyi

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