Wednesday, May 11, 2016

UK Primer Minister David Cameron a Corrupt Man Born By Corrupt Father But Accuses Others of Being Fantastically Corrupt?

Life is really some people feel so sanctimonious despite their dented yesterday. while addressing a gathering of world leaders at his fake-anti-corruption summit in London, corrupt UK Prime Minister, David Cameron whose dad was named in the leaked Panama papers by a US investigative firm, took to the podium to yell to the whole world that Nigeria is a fantastically corrupt country....but this is a man who owns an investment in his father's corrupt and illegal Shell firms hidden from the UK government, which is enough reason for him to shamelessly resign as UK Prime Minister.

More so, how can the Prime Minister of a corrupt nation who have served as a safe haven for corrupt leaders all over the world, especially those from Africa and Middle East to hide their stolen national wealth now be the convener of anti-corruption summit?

UK gave birth to most of the corruption we are witnessing in the whole world today...and UK is the destination of virtually all corrupt leaders in the world when it comes to investment and education of their children using stolen funds from their countries.

It baffles me when I see UK Prime Minister act like a saint when actually he is a son of a corrupt man, a beneficiary of big corruption and the leader of a country that helps corrupt leaders to hide their stolen funds!

Until United Kingdom and other western nations stop helping African and Middle East leaders to hide their stolen funds which they use to develop their countries, then we are only playing around the bush just to deceive the whole world that we are not corrupt!

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