Monday, May 2, 2016

Tiwa Savage is A Wicked, Ungrateful Black Woman - Karma will Visit Her if..!

I have been following this Tiwa Savage and Teebillz marriage saga closely and reading people's comments and reactions, and I must say this that Nigerians are hypocrites and unintelligent!

Now, why I said Nigerians are hypocrites is for the fact that we Nigerians believed every venom Tiwa Savage poured out on an arranged shabby interview against her one-time 'kele-kele lover', but we do not believe what her estranged husband said about her because Tiwa is a woman, a woman we assume is faultless right?

I am sorry to shock Tiwa Savage and her hypocritical fans that Tiwa Savage is an ungrateful black woman! And sooner or later, those ladies cheering her secretly will later laugh at her for her mistakes in her marriage.

Tiwa Savage knew virtually everything about Teebillz, she was warned but she claimed she was in love and went ahead to deceive this guy into believing that he has found the love of his life, not knowing that Tiwa only used him to climb to fame with a hidden plan to discard him thereafter, of course many Nigerian women living in United States today did the same thing to Nigerian men that spent their hard earned money to come and marry them in Nigeria and bring them all the way from Nigeria to America...these women will only arrive America to pay these men that suffered to make them who they are with divorce and many more horrible things.

It is high time Nigerian men wake up and realize that helping a Nigerian lady to become successful is a disaster....don't ever make the mistake of helping a Nigerian woman to become more successful than you if you don't want her to use you to learn how to punch!

 Tiwa Savage dumped a guy that sacrificed his savings, his job to make her famous and rich just because (according to her words on the interview she granted to Pulse TV) the guy who also happens to be her husband took some cut from her performance fee, and Tiwa Savage never thought it wise to first caution him with a last warning to desist from that, nope, she's a woman, a black ungrateful woman that think straight-forward and never remembers old good times, so she just went straight and fired her husband from his only means of earning income to also support her and the family, thereby hiring another person and hence, sending the money that would have entered into her husband's pocket to another person, and when the guy became broke due to no job, Tiwa Savage broke him apart the more by divorcing him, so to majority of Nigerian women, it's all about the money, too bad, too bad!

People are going emotional just because Tiwa Savage shed some hypocrital tears on screen, but what they fail to understand is the fact that Tiwa Savage only divorced her husband because of money, money and no other reason! All those other cocaine, alcohol, weed, infidelity, etc rants she talked about are just a cover up of her real intentions, and if Nigerians are intelligent enough, they would discover that Tiwa's major concern was that her husband no longer have money to squander on her reason she got tired of him....meanwhile, she caused his lack of money by sacking him as her manager publicly, thereby destroying his reputation from getting more managerial jobs from artists.

And why would Tiwa Savage bring her mother to come live in her matrimonial home permanently, is it right? Would Tiwa Savage also accept TeeBillz mother coming to live with them permanently? Let's call a spade a spade, Tiwa Savage was never a good wife to TeeBillz even though Teebillz sure have his own faults and flaws...but Tiwa grew wings the moment she became famous and maybe rich.....shame on Tiwa and her fans supporting her immoral ways, repent Tiwa Savage....go and beg TeeBillz to forgive you and if you must divorce him, make sure you pay him off and settle him well because Tiwa you have used your bare hands to kill TeeBillz and his future!

Get money or die daydreaming about such women!

And while u are here wishing she dates u, some rich guys have smashed her and refused to commit to her but rather passed her on to their rich friends too to smash and run, that's life!

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