Friday, May 13, 2016

Things President Goodluck Did to Reduce Sufferings of Nigerians When He Tried to Remove Petrol Subsidy

On the 1st of January 2012, Nigeria's President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, a man who came into the presidential power to rule and decide the fate and economy of over 170 million black people in Nigeria, welcomed Nigerians into the new year with a heartbreaking news of removal of government subsidy on imported petrol products, which led to an increase in the petrol pump price to NGN140.

Nigerians couldn't take the sudden change, so they took to the streets, chaired by some politically-inspired group. It was indeed a nationwide chaos, but then, the then president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan did rolled out some palliative measures to cushion the effect of his sudden policy so as to reduce hardship and suffering of the masses, which includes:

1. Rolling out of government-assisted mass transit buses to major Nigerian cities to charge commuters very considerable fare so as to reduce the cost of transportation ordinary Nigerians would have to face as a result of his policy.

2. Increased National Youth Corps Members (NYSC) monthly allowance by 100%

3. Increased national minimum wage

4. Rolled out youth empower programmes, and many more.

Four years later, another government is in...headed by mostly those who condemned the former president for removing petrol subsidy, and even those that accused the president that there is nothing like fuel subsidy, as most of them called it SCAM and even instigated Nigerians home and abroad against the ruling president Goodluck Jonathan who happens to come from a minority tribe in Nigeria.

Now our question is this: what are the measures the present government has put in place to help reduce the sudden hardship this sudden petrol subsidy removal policy will cause on the general Nigerian population? I am sure as at the time of writing this report, the ruling APC party is yet to roll out any palliative measures to ameliorate the suffering that will come with their harsh policy, considering the fact that the economy is already in a mess and Nigerians of all classes except those in power aren't finding it funny...with so many companies laying off their staff due to non-performing economy, indeed....worst days lie ahead of Nigerians in this present government of the APC!

Let's watch and see what will be the final outcome of all these harsh policies in less than one year!

This is Nigeria, where citizens turn blind eye to government's inefficiency just because of tribal and religious is well with Nigeria!

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